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In case you hadn't heard, Scott and I bought ourselves an entire house to fill with airsoft stuff, video games, movie and whatever else.  It is a big change going from an apartment to a house, seems like there is so much room and we will never fill it up.  There are 5 bedrooms... yes, I said 5.  No we didn't need 5 bedrooms, thats just how many came with this house.  There are 2.5 bathrooms, no more fighting for who gets to use the bathroom after a long trip.  There are 2 decks, a smaller side deck, then the large back entertaining deck.  Two car garage, so there will still be fights as to who gets to park in the garage.  Formal living and dinning rooms.  Right now they are a place to put random things... maybe one day they will be functual.  Nice big kitchen and dinning nook.  Family room, where Scott and I hang out most of the time.

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