Wedding Update!

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So I am very proud of Scott and I!  We have done alot of work recently.  We have booked the florist, decided ont he menu, and picked a photgrapher.  That means we are getting really close to being done!  We have also picked out the honeymoon!  Ya know, the fun part!

For all of you wondering where we are going, you can go here:

We will be leaving for Florida the tuesday after the wedding, and getting back to Washington February 9th.  Not sure if we want to go to Universal Studios or Disney World.  But we will probably go to at least one of those places while we are there.

Next, I think we need to start talking about what music we want for everything.  We have a few ideas about some of the stuff, but we need to figure out what we really want.

Oh yeah, we also got a bunch of the invitations out!  The rest will go out this weekend!  Please be sure you RSVP for us!

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