Wedding Update!

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So, since Scott isn't going to talk about all the pizza we have had, I'm not going to either!  That's his job.    I will, however, give you an update on the wedding planning. 

We have recieved our invitations form the printer (some assembly required).  So will start putting those together and hopefully getting them out next month sometime.  I know that next month seems like way early, but if you think about it, next month is September.  The wedding is in January, thats only 4 months!

We have also done all the gift registry stuff.  Where, you ask?  I'm not tellin'!  You are going to have to wait and find out when you get your invitation, just like everyone else =P

Scott bought some of the stuff for the center pieces the other day.  So we are working on getting all that stuff together now as well.  We know what we want to do, it's just a matter of getting everything at good prices.  And I think that we are on the right track.

Next tuesday we have a cake tasting.  And we need to go look at some cupcake places for Scott.  Why cupcakes?  Secret!  But it would help if he would stop having all these weekend games and would be here to do stuffs!  Anyway, thats it for now.  I know that it's not alot, but maybe it will atleast be somethign new on here.

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