Extreme Pizza: Too the limit

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A bit back, Chelsea and I decided to tool around Issaquah because I was doing some random work stuff. So while seeing Hellboy 2: Back to Hell and also the Cougar Mountain Zoo, we stopped and grabbed some pizza from Extreme Pizza. We also grabbed some salads, which frankly sucked terribly. Don't do the salads. Do the pizza.

Extreme Pizza has alot of signature pizzas and subs, things like the Screamin' Tomato... Or the Ragin' Rooster. or in our case, Railroad Grade and The Boar'der.

Railroad Grade would theoretically be your basic Combination pizza. It was very good, and the crust was well done. Toppings were nothing super to write home about, but hey, it's a combination. It's a baseline to compare to others.

Now the Boar'der? That is a Barbeque PORK based pizza. Thats awesome. And it tasted very good. Unfortunately it was a little overpowering taste wise compared to the Railroad Grade, so honestly I remember the Boar'der alot more than the Railroad Grade. Excitement!

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