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She's fat. And very long now. STP60339.JPG

She's still black! And she's still blind. See, we used to think she was just alittle retarded. or maybe a little crazy. Then the vet said she might have every terminal disease known to felines. But she doesn't! She's not retarded, or clumsy. She doesn't have Parvo, FHIV, Death, or anything like that! She's just BLIND. As a bat. But she's a cat. And black. And let me tell you, there's nothing funnier than watching a blind cat try and hunt bugs. I mean sure she can find them. Sort of. And she sure does try and chase them. She just happens to usually be about a minute late. Always. She pounces on the spot the bug was at... Only the bug flew away about a minute before. And she gets all excited about it too, running laps around the house trying to show us "Hey look! Come look! I've found something!"

It'd only be slightly less funny if she wasn't terribly afraid of everything as well.


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