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She's fat. And very long now. STP60339.JPG

She's still black! And she's still blind. See, we used to think she was just alittle retarded. or maybe a little crazy. Then the vet said she might have every terminal disease known to felines. But she doesn't! She's not retarded, or clumsy. She doesn't have Parvo, FHIV, Death, or anything like that! She's just BLIND. As a bat. But she's a cat. And black. And let me tell you, there's nothing funnier than watching a blind cat try and hunt bugs. I mean sure she can find them. Sort of. And she sure does try and chase them. She just happens to usually be about a minute late. Always. She pounces on the spot the bug was at... Only the bug flew away about a minute before. And she gets all excited about it too, running laps around the house trying to show us "Hey look! Come look! I've found something!"

It'd only be slightly less funny if she wasn't terribly afraid of everything as well.


Extreme Pizza: Too the limit

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A bit back, Chelsea and I decided to tool around Issaquah because I was doing some random work stuff. So while seeing Hellboy 2: Back to Hell and also the Cougar Mountain Zoo, we stopped and grabbed some pizza from Extreme Pizza. We also grabbed some salads, which frankly sucked terribly. Don't do the salads. Do the pizza.

Extreme Pizza has alot of signature pizzas and subs, things like the Screamin' Tomato... Or the Ragin' Rooster. or in our case, Railroad Grade and The Boar'der.

Railroad Grade would theoretically be your basic Combination pizza. It was very good, and the crust was well done. Toppings were nothing super to write home about, but hey, it's a combination. It's a baseline to compare to others.

Now the Boar'der? That is a Barbeque PORK based pizza. Thats awesome. And it tasted very good. Unfortunately it was a little overpowering taste wise compared to the Railroad Grade, so honestly I remember the Boar'der alot more than the Railroad Grade. Excitement!


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So, friday after an especially crappy commute, Chelsea surprised me with pizza from the neighborhood store... Romio's. It's effectively across the street. We'd eaten there once before, but that was for pasta and calzone...  This time she ordered a Mexican pizza, a Barbeque chicken pizza and we received some free buffalo wings.

Now normally, mexican pizza can be incredibly hit or miss. This particular one had jalapeno peppers on it to begin with, but they seemed fresh and were not overly spicy, and what spice there was, was mellowed by the cheddar they used. While the crust wasn't the greatest crust I've had, it was reasonably thick and certainly didn't taste store-bought as others have.

Now the Barbeque... well... Lets just say the sauce wasn't the kickin'est. The chicken and onions were all fine, but the sauce, ontop of a base tomato sauce for the crust was weak. I wasn't too much of a fan of this particular one. But oh well. Stuff happens.

In the interests of the buffalo wings... Those were great. They were not the chemically derived crap you normally received, instead pretty much a dry rub which while not super spicy still brought to mind buffalos flying through the sky. Yes. Thats where buffalo wings come from. Don't you wonder why there are so few buffalos sighted after the Superbowl? Exactly.

Wedding Update!

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So, since Scott isn't going to talk about all the pizza we have had, I'm not going to either!  That's his job.    I will, however, give you an update on the wedding planning. 

We have recieved our invitations form the printer (some assembly required).  So will start putting those together and hopefully getting them out next month sometime.  I know that next month seems like way early, but if you think about it, next month is September.  The wedding is in January, thats only 4 months!

We have also done all the gift registry stuff.  Where, you ask?  I'm not tellin'!  You are going to have to wait and find out when you get your invitation, just like everyone else =P

Scott bought some of the stuff for the center pieces the other day.  So we are working on getting all that stuff together now as well.  We know what we want to do, it's just a matter of getting everything at good prices.  And I think that we are on the right track.

Next tuesday we have a cake tasting.  And we need to go look at some cupcake places for Scott.  Why cupcakes?  Secret!  But it would help if he would stop having all these weekend games and would be here to do stuffs!  Anyway, thats it for now.  I know that it's not alot, but maybe it will atleast be somethign new on here.

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