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Cucina Cucina

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Oh how I loathe thee.

Seriously, before we went to Hancock, Chelsea and I went to Cucina Cucina to get something to eat for a late lunch.  I know, surprising! So we ordered a pizza and a salad and a flatbread. Of course that is when we actually got the chance to order. It was some 20 minutes after we were seated before we even saw our waiter. And then, he managed to get our order wrong. Yeah... With service like that its no wonder alot of their stores aren't doing well.


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Chelsea and I saw Hancock after work on Thursday...

As a movie, It was polished, but not incredibly fulfilling, simply because of the need to establish the characters, and do base character development. This being said, the development and story were very well done, and it had a unique twist. I only wish the film was longer so you could actually see more than the 4 or so heroic feats done in the film.


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Is the cutest movie ever!  EVER! Granted I don't think I have ever seen a Disney/Pixar movie with that much preaching in it.  But still so cute!  WALL-E teachs all the other robots how to be nice and to be more than what they were created for (preach point!).  And although they may have all been created to look alike and perform a certain function, doesn't mean that can't be different (preach point!).

There was also the in your face preach points about how people will become fat boneless blobs if they don't get up off the couch and stop watching the sreen.

Scott's favorite line from the movie, "John, get ready to have children!"


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Chelsea and I saw Wanted on Saturday... It was okay for a poprocn movie... Alot of the triteness from the comics still comes through, which is always good, but the movie tries to play up the morality of it all, while the comics remained completely immoral. Alot can be forgiven in comicbook movies, so I'd say it was all right as a movie. Certainly not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but certainly watchable.

Been Reading...

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Well I've been reading the Marvel What Ifs, and Planetary by Wildstorm... Wildstorm seems to have a very interesting universe, and it's much more realistic... Which is nice.  Bookwise I'm still chewing through A Game of Thrones, and abotu halfway through Desert Raiders and Forbidden Knowledge (again).

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