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And this is Baroness

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Well... This was Baroness when she was tiny and cute. Now she's still cute, sort of... but not as tiny.


So Now I Feel Emo....

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Mainly because now I have a blog.  I think that it is weird because I am not a blogging type person.  But if it makes my potato mining robot happy, then it makes me happy.


I guess I could do a wedding update.... not that there is much to tell.  We have secured a place for the ceremony/reception, have decided a few smaller thing, I have gotten my dress and the bride's maid dresses.  We have registered at one place.  And no, not telling you that.  Gotten the guest book, picked out the invitations and the day, January 24th, 2009.  Yay for us on our progress!

Nick and Willy's Pizza

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So a Nick and Willy's Franchise opened near us and lacking food supplies with in the SURVIVAL DOME, we journeyed out to obtain nourishment for our powercells (READ: we went to go get pizza because we didn't have too much food stuffs in the household).

Now apparently Nick and Willy's pride themselves on rich, high-quality ingredients, so we tried the following:

Wild Willy Combo

Bring your friends! Fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, cheddar/ provolone, italian sausage, salami, canadian bacon, pepperoni, seasoned beef, mushrooms, black olives, green and red peppers, red onions, roma tomatoes.

Garlic Chicken with Smoked Bacon

Two great tastes! Olive oil glaze, mozzarella, fontina cheese, fresh garlic, smoked chicken, smoked bacon, roma tomatoes, red onions, oregano.

In this robot's opinion, the Wild Willy Combo, their creme de resistance, was overpowering. It was like their was a wedding in my food mastication unit and everyone was invited, including the wierd, belligereint uncle and the crazy "I have 30 cats because I like cats even though I live in a one bedroom apartment" aunt. And like some hippies, and like angry feminist war protestors. While each of the tastes individually was fantastic, both rich and fresh, together they were overwelming, like an onslaught of pizza-related doom. But then again, the Wild Willy Combo essentially has almost everything on the menu tossed on. This particular one had a simple thick crust, which was very good, possibly one of the best I've had in a while, although the sauce left some thing to the imagination (mostly because it was close to nonexistant in taste compared to the toppings).

Now we go to the Garlic Chicken with Smoked Bacon pie. See, Chelsea loves bacon. More than even Baclor the Baconator.  Which is fine. Actually, this pizza was very good. Again, the crust was excellent, as this was a thin crust, you could easily taste all of the various toppings and it was a very pleasant experience. Nothing overpowered anything else, and each of the toppings had their own chance to shine.

So with the help of 'the Girl' Moveable Type was reinstalled on my new webserver. Yeah. I'm not super pleased with the new webserver, mostly because it's less uberfantastic than the old one.  But enough of that.  This blog is for myself and my bride-to-be, Chelsea. And I guess our cat. Her name is Baroness. She's a special cat.

Why is this called Counting Cards? Well, in truth, because I couldn't think up a better name. But yes, Chelsea is a civil engineer by day, and a caped crusader by night. And I am an undersea potato mining robot. And the cat is special. Did I mention she's named Baroness? You know, after G.I.Joe? That Baroness? Yeah. It's awesome.

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